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Our Story

We’ve combined 20 years of global hygienic food processes, and applied it to fresh and authentic local ingredients. Our attention to quality can be seen in our 100% vegetarian, nutritious and tasty meals.

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Our Products

100% Vegetarian

Ajwain Paratha

A rich and delicately flavoured paratha, delicately flavoured with Caraway/Oomam/Ajwain.

Paneer Zing Cool

A lightly coated nugget of coolness! Easy to nibble away a plateful in calm contemplation. Similar to it’s manic brother, but altogether more manageable.

Curly Fries Plain

Potatoes with a twist! Plain and simple.

Vegetable Samosas

A quick and tasty snack made with fresh vegetables.

Our food is

100% Vegetarian

We hope to share everything we’ve learned from 3 decades of global food processing to create fresh and tasty products. Our care and attention will shine through in the quality of our 100% vegetarian meals.

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