Tasty Fresh

We’ve combined 3 decades of global food processing with high quality, fresh and authentic ingredients. We take pride in the layers of quality we’ve introduced from our highly trained staff to state-of-the-art coldstores.

Tasty Fresh is the only company in India which offers 2 layers of quality assurance, meaning our food reaches your plate exactly how it was meant to.

Why Buy

Tasty Fresh

Everybody can write how well their staff are trained or how shiny their factories are. Not everybody can provide the quality of food that Tasty Fresh can.

We like to keep things simple. We only use fresh ingredients, and we strongly believe that with food, there can be absolutely no compromises.

brand new products

unmatched quality

authentic ingredients

brand new locations

Our Products

100% Vegetarian

Ajwain Paratha

A rich and delicately flavoured paratha, delicately flavoured with Caraway/Oomam/Ajwain.

Lebanese Felafel

A moist, gently spiced vegetarian dish made from chickpeas, local to the Middle East.

Malabar Partha

A multi-layered, crispy paratha originally from Southern India. Superb accompaniment to any meal.

Curly Fries Masala

Potatoes with a spicy twist – Best eaten hot… and best to have a spare packet in the freezer.

Paneer Zing Cool

A lightly coated nugget of coolness! Easy to nibble away a plateful in calm contemplation. Similar to it’s manic brother, but altogether more manageable.

Paneer Zing Hot

A lightly coated fire starter! We admit these fireballs are too yummy to resist, but so HOT!! Are you brave enough?!

Punjabi Paneer

Nothing put in. Nothing taken away. To make this delicate cheese we use only the best milk and the occasional squeeze of lime simple.

Breaded Cheese Hearts

So much love in such delicious packets! A careful blend of cheeses, a delicate coating and lots and lots of TLC ... it’s hard to hide this much love!

Aloo Paratha

Eat hot with butter or yoghurt... Enough said.

Vegetable Burger

Healthy mix of vegetables in a tasty package! With or without a bun, our Vegetable Burger is a quick meal, at any time of day!

Chilli Paneer Samosa

Cheese with a kick! Homemade Patti wrapped around homemade Paneer, with a zesty green chilli kicker... great for sharing!

Green Peas

Freshly frozen at peak ripeness for year-round convenience.

Sweet Corn

Full kernels of juicy corn, carefully harvested for peak juiciness!

Mixed Vegetables

A mix of fresh vegetables, prepared for immediate and convenient use.

Plain Whole Wheat Chapati

Fully cooked wholewheat Chapati’s; convenient, clean and ready to eat.

Methi Paratha

A flavoured Paratha, made using only fresh Methi.

Vegetable Spring Rolls

We use only fresh vegetables for our spring rolls. You can taste the difference!

Vegetable Samosas

A quick and tasty snack made with fresh vegetables.

Curly Fries Plain

Potatoes with a twist! Plain and simple.